Today, we will show you two beginner-friendly methods of installing plugins, wordpress site slow and one a little bit more advanced. While the first two are very beginner-friendly and allow everyone to quickly install any plugin of their choice, the third one will require some basic knowledge of FTP. Similarly, you can see its developer, rating, the number of active installs (people who are currently running the plugin on their sites), the time of the last update and the compatibility info.

These steps may also helpful to those researching how to update a WordPress theme. A theme is a fundamental aspect of design if your site is built on WordPress. Then they would require additional JavaScript files which would further deteriorate the performance and the primary objective of this theme. If you don’t update the information then you will see “error establishing a database connection“. It requires you to upload files to the server manually, and then activate the plugin through the admin panel.

In this example, New Menu is the name that will appear in your admin dashboard’s menu page to make it understandable for human eyes. After that, the button will change the label into “Activate”. If you want to get all the extra functionality it provides, you should click on the “Activate” button. Here, you can click the Export to button to see a list of options about where to store your backup file.

See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Enter the login details (username and password) in your email. Be sure these files and sub-folders go directly into the new directory of your hosting account. It’s not really all that important that you understand how API keys work or anything other than that, because the plugin here is going to send you to the page that you need to go to when you’re logged into your Mailchimp account. With time, the need for plugins will keep on increasing. While plugin authors do their best to keep the plugins secure and safe, history shows us that mistakes do happen from time to time.

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